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Woodvale Glass


  • Glass Door installation or replacement
  • Window installation and replacement
  • Licensed Security Doors and Windows
  • WA Police Clearance
  • Glass Repairs
  • Showerscreens
  • Mirrors
  • General Glass Door and Window Services

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We are experienced

Starting in the Glass Industry about 1972


About me Campbell

I am a sole trader and I have formed a network of other sole traders to help each other when needed

! am well known in the industry and have a wealth of experience and have in the past served on the Executive Committee of the Glass and Window Association of WA  . Which has now merged with the Australian Window Association to become the Australian Glass and Window Association

During that time I was involved in the formation of the glass workers (glaziers and the like) certification process so customers could see who had the training behind them.  I  was asked to participate in the process given my background to go through and was honoured to be named the first glazier in Australia to achieve this Certification and then go on further to go to the next level as Master Glazier. Which is proudly displayed

The program has three pillars to become accredited to: Compliance, Skills and Training, Safety

Something like you see advertised  Licensed Plumber or Licensed Electrician

It is something I deeply believe in as Glass Safety is a must not only for the worker but the consumer. The consumer MUST have faith  the glass installed meets relevant Australian Standards AS1288, AS 2047 and AS 2208

I am also a Licensed Security Installer and Consultant with a WA Police Clearance and have been for 10 years.

I draw the line at installing kits bought from Hardware or Bathroom Shops and simply do not install them as I have personally found the kits are made to a set size and do not take in variation of tile sizes or with older and some new homes where the walls or floor are not quite square.

All the showerscreens, mirrors, windows, doors, security products and wardrobes I make are all custom made to fit with parts sourced locally.

My wife and I have been married for 40 years and lived in Woodvale for over 30 years so we are locals.

AGGA Certification Article

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